Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary - Dept. of WI

VFW Auxiliary Magazine

Every member receives six issues of the VFW Auxiliary Magazine per year.  read about successful activities conducted by other Auxiliaries, the latest information on the National Programs, the National President's travels to see every Department, the newest member benefits, the candidates running for National Guard, and much more.

2021 VFW Auxiliary Magazine Issues

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Tips for Getting Items Published in the VFW Auxiliary Magazine

The Editors of your VFW Auxiliary Magazine are always trying to develop interesting stories and are delighted to receive your news and photos.  As with other media outlets, stories that are unique, new or of special interest to Auxiliary members are going to take precedence over the more routine ones.

Do not send election or installation reports; routine social events and anniversaries; Department or National Officers' visits to local or Department meetings; or obituaries, except for a National Line Officer or Post National President.  Instead, send information on your various activities for our National Programs.  Did you participate in Make A Difference Day?  Or a Stand Down?  Do you have or know someone who has a son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter who was stationed overseas and has a special story about Operation Uplink TM?  Was there some particular event that your Auxiliary conducted that was very unusual and/or very successful?

Because the magazine has to be written up to two months in advance of the publication date, there is an unfortunate delay between the receipt of information and its publication, so don't expect to see your article published for at least 6-8 months.

Basic Photo Requirements:

  • Color glossies are preferred
  • Place photos between cardboard when mailing
  • On a separate sheet of paper, Identify each person from left to right
  • Do not type or write on front or back of the photo
  • Do not include more than five (5) person in the photo
  • Send self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish to receive the photo back
  • You may try to e-mail a photo, but we may not be able to use it.  Please do not send discs or CDs

Basic Article Requirements:

  • Spell names correctly and include titles of person named in the article or photo
  • Please identify members by their first and last names, ie. Mary Doe, not Mrs. John Doe
  • Include Auxiliary's number, City and State
  • All copy should be typed if at all possible
  • Include your daytime telephone number so Editors can reach you for any questions or clarification

Send material as soon as possible after your event occurs to:

     Editor, VFW Auxiliary Magazine
     406 W. 34th St., 10th Floor
     Kansas City, MO  64111